Nakshatra Glow Serum

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Say hello to glowing skin with our anti aging Nakshatra Glow serum for face care that hydrates dull skin,helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.This orang-ish yellow power packed glow serum is your perfect multitasker – to repair, rejuvenate, hydrate, smoothen skin without greasy feel.

Quantity – 10ml

Skin Type – All Skin Type.


We are super obsessed with the golden color of this NAKSHATRA Glow elixir. Sea Buckthorn CO2 extract, Rosehips in Maceration and Organic Rosehip seed oil are key ingredients that contributes to this beautiful color. Housed beautifully in dark amber colored bottles to protect its bioactive and Omega 7, this delivers potent dose of healing & renewal to skin all while you sleep.


  1. Wild SeaBuckthorn oil deliver antioxidants, fatty acids & vitamins to skin.
  2. Organic Rosehip helps in skin repair.
  3. Golden Jojoba increases skin elasticity.
  4. Raspberry Seed Oil fights blemishes and scars.
  5. Wild carrot seed extracts improves skin appearance, texture helping skin repair naturally.

How To Use

  1. This is a blend of super rich carefully chosen oils to help your skin every possible way. Use it at night for best results after face wash.
  2. Take 1-2 drops at the fingertips and massage gently over face & neck. Can be used both during day & nighttime.
  3. Always store in cool, dry place away from sunlight & moisture.
  4. Do a patch test before use and check the ingredients list if you are pregnant/breastfeeding.
  5. Can be mixed with your moisturizer or foundation for even subtle glowy look.
  6. Works as a perfect facial tool partner providing the smooth glide and slip while massaging.
  7. Avoid contact with eyes and use for external application only.
  8. Best when used within 6-7months of opening.
  9. Always keep the bottle tightly capped to keep the efficacy of the ingredients and formula intact.

Avoid the bottle getting in contact with water.

Product Composition

Organic Rosehip, CO2 extracted Sea Buckthorn seed oil, Golden Jojoba, Raspberry Seed oil, Wild Carrot seed oil, Vit E Tocopherol

8 reviews for Nakshatra Glow Serum

  1. Sumedha

    Best face oil ✨
    I started using this oil and I can really feel my skin repairing and the glow is very noticeable 🙌

  2. Sumedha

    I started using this oil and I can really feel my skin repairing and the glow is very noticeable 🙌

  3. Niharika Kapoor

    I have a combination, sensitive skin and nothing ever really suited. I have been using the Nakshatra Glow serum for over 4 months now and the results are truly what the product mentions: adequate moisturization for the skin, reduced spots, and dark circles. A perfect 30+ age repair, natural product. In fact, my mother and father too are hooked on this product.

  4. Aishwarya V

    A very humble product I would say. Just two to three drops and you can see your face instantly glow. Moisturizes yet not greasy. Love the texture.

  5. Manasa

    This serum is truely a star worked well on pigmentation and the smell is also wow very good formulation it’s not too heavy on skin very comfortable on skin and with good result.

  6. Vidya

    I started using this oil and it’s shows good change in face.. it’s glowing.. I very much liked this product

  7. Revathi

    This product is too good and is less sticky.It penetrates in to skin very fast.skin feels like shinning.

  8. Soundharya

    Show stopper. This is my go to serum. Not just does overnight repair but provides nourishment and glow throughout the day. Can’t do without this serum at all !!

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